Looking to enjoy nature close to home?  There are many places to go hike, bike, or take your dog that the Land Trust community has worked hard to care for and conserve.  Visit a Land Trust community project today!

Hillside to the Hollow

Hillside to the Hollow dog walker

Enjoy a hike, run, or bike ride with your best buddy off leash, near the heart of downtown Boise. The all season trail is also a great place to go when other trails are too muddy for responsible use.

Upper Dry Creek

Upper Dry Creek

Upper Dry Creek is a beautiful area to go for a hike with your four legged friend, or an awesome mountain bike ride. Ride through the pine forest, along the creek and end up on an exposed trail along a deep desert gulch.  A dynamic and truly remarkable Treasure Valley experience!

Trail to Stack Rock

Stack Rock is an awesome adventure to one of the Treasure Valley's most iconic destinations. Photo credit: Roland Owens

Stack Rock is an awesome adventure and the destination is one of the Treasure Valley’s most iconic places, the enormous boulder known as Stack Rock. Look forward to some incredible views of Boise City in the valley below. Photo credit: Roland Owens

Star RiverWalk

Fall along the Boise River

Star RiverWalk is a popular place for families to enjoy the Boise River in the heart of Star, ID. Go for a walk on the trails. Go for a swim in the river. Go fishing. Have a picnic.


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